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Haugesund kunstforening is 100 years this year. They have arranged an anniversary exhibition.


Exhibition at Kopervik Kulturhus, Galleriet.

I am having an exhibition with

Linda Skare

at Galleriet, Kopervik Kulturhus in Kopervik.

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Back on track

At the time of writing we have just finished the first project with a whole new class of media-students, there we learn about film making and how photography studios such as Annie Kinser Photography produce their work. Looking good so far! I currently work 40% due to my slightly troublesome back. But by the looks of it I might be back full time before christmas.

This is just a test. I’m trying out Blogsy as a means to publish post on my site.

Will edit or deltete this post later on.

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Gordian Woman

A new drawing experimenting with this technique. Drawing-pen on paper.


Natural Comeback

In Due Time.

My cunning plan for this spring and summer is to have some kind of comeback into outdoor-activities. Back in the days we went hiking, climbing or diving all the time. But over the last couple of years I have been busy hanging out with the kids and working. As a result I’m stuck on the couch with a bad back. It’s time to take action! 🙂

In Jotunheimen a long time ago.


Baby steps

My first step is to intensify my training. So yesterday I put up a new training-board at home.


My first step to get back in business again: A training-board at home.


I started rock-climbing back in -94 at Stord. So far I haven’t had a real international breakthrough… as such… But I always find it good fun to get out there. The next picture is from the Peak District in England. Sand- and Limestone wears down the skin on your hands after a while. Especially when your not climbing regularly.

Hopefully my fingers will look like this again real soon...


Now, to make this “comeback” work I will need help from fellow mountaineers. Especially my two girls Hannah and Norah. But I’m not to worried, because they are already at it.




What can I say? Let the game begin! 🙂

Molly will also appreciate a comeback

Gordian girl


I know its a cliché, but women really are hard to understand at times.
Pen drawing on paper.

Marciano Knocks out Lumbago in round 40.

After turning 40 it seems I’m experiencing a rapid decay. So now I lay at home on the couch drawing while it feels like someone is hitting my spinal cord with all their heart.

Update of webpage in process

I am moving all my work to a wordpress-based site. This will take som figuring-out…

The ocean

Drawing for Sjøfartsdirektoratet

This is a large drawing made for The Norwegian Maritime Directorate located in Haugesund. It is a large pencil-drawing made on paper.

Haugesund year 2005