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Commissions and helping hands

Commissioned photos of author

Gaute Sortland - Forfatterportrett
I was asked to take some portraits of Mr. Gaute Sortland for his upcoming book at the Norwegian publisher Samlaget.

Climbing - Haugaland Klatrelag

Poster for the Nordic Lead Climbing Championship 2016

Over the last couple of years I have made a few different things for Haugaland Klatrelag and our local Climbing venue Haugalandsveggen

Trekking with kids

Most of the time I use photography as a tool for documentation or getting reference materials for art-projects. But occasionally I end up doing some work for costumers, organizations or friends. 

For a couple of years I walked in the mountains with Den norske turistforening and Barnas turlag in Haugesund. This was a fun place to combine trekking and meeting some really cool kids. 


Photos and homepage

Kari Bru is a psychologist working out of Haugesund. She needed some help taking pictures and making a wordpress-based homepage.

Psykolog Kari Bru
Psykolog Kari Bru

Messing about with light

Halloween - Norah
The girls are freekishly good at making scary makeup and wounds.

From time to time my daughters wants to take some pictures in the studio at work, or we bring the studio home.